Klaus is a cozy and casual venue everyone will enjoy.

It’s a quaint cafe-restaurant located just where a comfy public establishment should be—by the sea and in a hip neighborhood next to the city center. Getting here on foot won’t take long. Coming by bike, you’ll be here in no time. And those who value their comfort and don’t want to walk have a good reason to come by car: our cafe has a plenty of parking in a lot that won’t cost you more than the price of a cup of coffee and a piece of cake in our cafe.

The building where our cafe is located is the Estonian Design House _ where the EDL, the headquarters of the Estonian Designers‘ Association, is located. The gallery, the showroom and the store of Estonian design are also in this building. Several designers have their studios here and various design-related events take place here.

The cafe has ample seating _ and a beautiful summer terrace facing the sea in front of the house. Next summer, we will also open a spacious summer garden in the back facing a concert stage and a fashionable new park. Imagine sipping wine there listening to jazz-punk?

It‘s not just our fun interior that’s a draw

but also our yummy, simple, satisfying food. Who would have a meal without ordering something from the bar? As for coffee, it‘s simple—our coffee is to die for. People often stop by for a cup of coffee; our wait staff make the best cappuccinos around. Martin behind the bar mixes the most delicious drinks. “Quite okay“ isn’t good enough for him. His coctails must be nothing short of outstanding. He wants to be sure people can’t resist coming back for more.

A Good Day

It usually begins with pleasant things—like breakfast, etc. We want to be the best place for having the first meal of the day. Who wouldn‘t like Eggs Benedict or Belgian waffles with black currant jam?

But if you can’t make it to Klaus in the morning, stop by for lunch.

Our cuisine aims to be good and simple—the kind you’d enjoy every day of the week.

Stopping by for a tasty glass of wine in the evening also hits the spot.

Here or to Go?

Humans, like porcupines, always like to take something along _ to carry to their dens. And we have lovely things to take home, or buy as a gift: tasty wines, elegant chocolate, gourmet coffee beans, cocoa and even bikes, if you get tired from healthy walks and happen to be in a rush.

So, see, there‘s a long list of reasons to visit us:

the food’s good, the surroundings are delightful, the windows have sea views _ and our drinks will lighten you up.

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